Multicomponent covalent chemical patterning of graphene

Chemical patterning of graphene

The chemical patterning of graphene is being pursued tenaciously due to exciting possibilities in electronics, catalysis, sensing, and photonics. Despite the intense efforts, spatially controlled, multifunctional covalent patterning of graphene has not been achieved. The lack of control originates from the inherently poor reactivity of the basal plane of graphene, which necessitates the use of harsh chemistries. Here, we demonstrate spatially resolved multicomponent covalent chemical patterning of single layer graphene using a facile and efficient method. Three different functional groups could be covalently attached to the basal plane in dense, well-defined patterns using a combination of lithography and a self-limiting variant of diazonium chemistry requiring no need for graphene activation. The layer thickness of the covalent films could be controlled down to 1 nm. This work provides a solid foundation for the fabrication of chemically patterned multifunctional graphene interfaces for device applications.

You want to know more about it? ACS Nano, 2021, 15, 10618-10627


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